Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a

Guess what we love to do now? Brush our teeth! We started to brush our own teeth after mommy & daddy gave us big kid tooth brushes. At first, Jordan didn't want to brush his teeth at all. He hated it when mommy & daddy tried to brush for him, too. He only has 2 teeth ya know so maybe he just is embarassed or something. Anyways- a few days ago he FINALLY decided brushing is fun, too. Check out these pictures of us brushing. Notice I think I am a super hero with my tooth brush. Maybe you could call me "toothie girl" (like larry boy).

Also this week, we put up our Christmas tree! It was kind of a big project because mommy & daddy were trying to figure out how to put it up without us being able to get to it. I was really annoyed. Why would you put something up that we can't touch? Especially something that looks like so much fun! I guess we were first going to have a real tree but have it outside on the deck for us just to look at. Then, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Mark offered us to use Great Grandma Thelma's old fake tree. We tried that but it was too big and we could get to it because there wasn't enough furniture to move around it. So finally, mommy & daddy pulled out their old, tiny 4 ft tree and put it on an end table. boo! We wanted a big one to practice our climbing skills.

Here's a few pictures of our Christmas tree...notice once again Jordan is trying to show off by walking towards the camera! There's also a few other pics from the week...YES, most are of me, but I told the boys its my post, so I can do what I want! (Santa- if you are reading this...I was nice about it, I promise) Enjoy!

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  1. I love the "toothie girl" picture, Addie! You make a beautiful super hero!

    Good job on your new walking skills, Jordan! What a pro!

    Jack, what a good tooth-brusher you are! Keep it up!

    Auntie Britt