Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We turned 8 months old yesterday, yay! Boy were we busy leading up to our new milestone. Mommy and daddy moved all of our things to our new place this weekend. We were really worried on Saturday because we woke up after our naps to see all of our toys (we thought) were stolen!! We had no idea who would've taken them but we suspected that Isaiah or Eli might have wanted them. Jonah seemed a little too old to play with them but the other two were pretty suspicious. Luckily, mommy and daddy took us for a drive and we found all of our things at our new house! Of course Jordan thought that we had just found the "thief's" house and he was ready to steal them back. Luckily Jack (the brains of the group) filled him in that we had actually moved there.
Memere and Pepere flew out to help us with our move. We had such a fun time with them. We showed them all of our new tricks including sitting up, playing with all of our new toys, and Addison showed them all of her new goofy faces. She seems to be a ham whenever they are around, showing them her "Larryboy" face and her big cheese grin with squinty eyes and all.
Of course Memere brought us a bunch of new clothes. They also got us each a floaty for our trips to the pool. On Monday we took our floaties and memere and pepere to the pool with us. We had such a great time playing and splashing in the water. Mommy even went down the water slide. Jordan really thought he should go down it too but mommy was too afraid he'd drown on the way down. Jack had NO INTEREST at all going down the slide, in fact he wasn't that interested in the water either. Addison had a fun time wading out in the water with Pepere though. She liked having her legs dangle in pool because it was a really HOT day.

Here's the pictures from our weekend and from our 8 month old shot. We hope you all enjoy!

out takes from 8 month shots...


  1. LOVE the super man outfit!! The robes photo is adorable too! They are getting so big! Can you believe they are 8 months already? Time FLIES!!!

    Could you tell me where you bought those walkers for the kids?

  2. OMG how funny is there superman and batman outfits!LOVE it. Hope you are enjoying your new place! Did Memere give the babies kisses I sent to the babies? I bet she did but claimed them all for herself. LOL! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. What a beautiful family!! I love your blog - it is so great to read aboout your family, and LOVE the pics!!