Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Benefits of Being a Triplet

Sorry for the lack of posts, mommy & daddy took away our Internet privileges! Just kidding...but really we've had issues getting online (really bad Internet service) AND we've been busy packing up and organizing for our move across town this weekend.

The past week has been exciting for us. We've all been practicing sitting and playing with our bucket of toys. Addison (the show off) has sitting down to a science and seems to think she needs to make sitting more of a challenge. She now decided to start throwing her toys out of the bucket and immediately trying to retrieve them herself. This always involves a wind up and then throwing her entire body either to the side or forward towards the toy she just threw away. She's a pretty tough cookie though (don't ever tell her that her brothers said this!) because she's been landing on her head A LOT doing this move and she usually doesn't cry.
Jordan is more of a "klepto sitter". He great at it as long as he can sit next to Addison. Why you ask? So he can take EVERY SINGLE toy she is playing with out of her mouth and into his own. He waits for her to retrieve it and then its time for him to make his move. He also has an issue with sharing, once he gets one of Addie's toys he will won't let it go, so he's usually two fisting toys at all times.

Jack has just got the whole sitting concept down. He still uses a boppy pillow behind him to make sure he's steady. He usually chooses NOT to get involved with the other two and their toy wars. Instead, he chooses to talk and talk AND talk away to each rattle and toy he picks up. We're pretty sure he's taking after mommy in the talking department.
Besides sitting, we've started to realize that being a triplet sure has its benefits. Like earlier this week, Addison decided she needed to give Jack a back nice of her! But after about 10 seconds she pushed him on his face and took his toy.
Here's Addie giving Jack a back rub...
Here she is right after pushing him over!
Also this week we've realized that we don't need to walk ourselves in our walkers if Addie is in the other walker. She seems to have mommy's angry driver issues and always pushes the other walker out of her way (with our without one of us in it!) when she wants to get by. If she can't move it she starts yelling at whoever is in it! (Geesh she's got a temper) Jordan really picked up on this and now he gets in his walker and immediately looks behind him hoping Addison is coming to give him a push! See video below:

Mommy told us she's really behind at adding pictures, so here are some random pictures from the past few weeks, too. ENJOY!

Addie & Jack

Jordan clowning around
Mmmmm...flavored baba!

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  1. Aren't they just so much fun right now?!? They interaction (especially your three with eachother) is so fun to watch!! The video is hilarious!! Please tell me what company (and where) you bought those walkers. I have been looking around and I really life the sturdiness of yours.

    The photos are great! Addison is alittle stinker pushing her brother over :) He better get used to it! - Miss Addison is moving on up! The photo right under the video is my favorite. I love seeing them all smiling/laughing at the same time! So adorable!!