Saturday, April 2, 2011

We're Gonna Try to Play Catch-Up!

We'd like to say sorry to all of you Riplet fans out there. We tried to keep our new year's resolution of blogging more often and taking "daily" photos but we failed within the first few weeks! We actually have quite a few pictures though and a lot of fun things going on in our lives, so we'll try to get a bunch of those belated posts up ASAP. First of all, I wanted to share with you that I graduated from college on St Patrick's day (okay, mommy says it wasn't college it was just classes on campus with college students teaching me) and when I left, they gave me a huge balloon. I was so excited to get it and I didn't think I had to share it with anyone else. That same week, we had a friend come stay with us while his mommy and daddy were painting their new house. It was fun having him over each day because he is just 2 weeks younger then we are and he's got the same color hair and style as Jack, so he fit right in. We even took him for a walk with us each day in our 4th choo choo wagon car. Mommy said we were quads instead of triplets while he was here.

Here are a few photos of the week. Enjoy!

Notice I didn't like sharing my balloon, but in one photo I'm coming around the corner to Addison and Brighton playing with it. I was not happy about that.

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