Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bad Habits Start Young

I would like to preface this post by saying, I do not think my habits are all bad ones, but I do like the title, so I'm sticking with it. This past week we thought we'd be getting away with our daily routine sans the paparazzi, but of course mommy pulled out her point and shoot just to get some pictures. We spent the week getting used to a new routine that involves Jordan going to school all day (in my room, too...ummm what's up with that?!) while Jack and I are hanging out with mommy and still going to college 4 days/week. One of my favorite things to do now is bring all of my blankets off my bed in the morning and have mommy cover me from head to toe. I laugh and giggle the entire time she does it and then make sure that I still have eye holes just in case she decides to let us watch Sesame Street. I've also learned how to eat an apple all by myself! Mommy used to always cut our apples into sticks for us, but I really wanted to just take the whole thing and try eating it. I finally got my way and I have to say, its so much more fun getting chased around the house by mommy when I have the whole thing. She tells me she's chasing me to make sure I don't set it down somewhere and forget about it. I cannot understand why that would be a problem? I would love to find that treat later, it would be a great surprise. Jack's decided that he wants to eat all of the time. He asks to eat and always wants to eat a bowl of (get this) peanut butter. Just plain ol' PB. I gag each time I see him eating it with a spoon, but he loves it. This past week we also got to experience our very first Happy Meal from McDonald's. Up until now, we'd each just get a cheeseburger and share some french fries. I cannot believe mommy and daddy waited this long to give us "the meal" because did you know it comes with a TOY?! I have a sneaky suspicion that daddy has been taking our toys all along and finally decided to give them to us. Either way, we are really hoping that we get McDonald's every Friday. I mean, the first time we got to try Happy Meals was after Jordan finished his first week of full time school. I vote that he (ie: WE) get to celebrate this huge accomplishment every week. Finally, we got to spend a day at the park. We had so much fun climbing the jungle gym, steering the wheel, going down the slide and of course swinging! Here's a few pictures of our day. Enjoy!

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  1. Addie Memere would like to wrap up and cuddle with you in those blankets. Jack I've heard of little boys with hollow legs. Could that be you? lol Memere has an in at McDonalds. Let me know if there's any happy meal toys your looking for because Aunt Louise works at McDonalds. How cool is that? Great to see you all outside at the park. It's about time the good weather showed up, so you can enjoy the plaground.