Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Children's Museum

While memere and pepere were here, we got to go to our local children's museum for the very first time! We tried to go once before, but ended up deciding against it because it was getting too late in the day. I'm so glad we waited to go with memere and pepere, because there was so much to do, we needed extra adults around just to keep us all together. Our children's museum has everything you could think of for kids our age, from coloring to a kid's grocery store (with a real cash register!) and our own post office. There was also a toddler section that had veggies and fruits that we could plant and harvest. Our favorite part of the museum had to be the water part though. The last spot of the day (mommy said it was a good thing, too because we were drenched by the end) was the water exhibit! We got to splash and splash and SPLASH all over the place. There were balls everywhere and we got to push boats around in the water, too. Daddy said next time we will need to bring a change of clothes because we each had to take off our shirts and just wear our jackets home because we were that wet. Mommy tried to get a few pictures of us (okay, really she took like 200 photos) but her camera was acting up and she said she only got a few that turned out. Lucky for us, her camera is now "in the shop" being repaired so we are off the hook for good pictures this week.

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  1. I love these pictures!!! So adorable :)

  2. You 3 sure look like you had a great time. I bet Memere and Pepere had a blast too. They are so lucky that they get to come and play with you. I can't get over how big you are all getting. Addie you hair is beautiful and so long now. Love you 3 lots..give Mommy and Daddy hugs too.

  3. Memere & Pepere had a wonderful time visiting with all of you. I agree the most fun at the museum was the water park. So you got a little wet. We enjoyed the walks in the neighborhood with you in your choo choo. We miss you already.
    Hugs & Kisses to our Riplets.
    Memere & Pepere