Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Visit from Memere & Pepere!

Last week (while mommy headed to a girl's weekend to Savannah, GA), our memere and pepere flew out to see us from Boston. We were so excited to see them and I kept trying to figure out how they got out of our computer (we always Skype them, so seeing them on our laptop is how I always see them) and why don't they do that all of the time?

While they were visiting, the weather finally turned warm (for Wisconsin, that means in the 40's) and we decided to head for a walk to the nearest park. This was our first visit to any park this year and boy was I excited. Addison and Jordan were excited, too but I really wanted to swing and go down the slide so I figured I must've been the most excited. After playing for about 20 minutes, I accidentally fell down and landed in a huge puddle. I was really mad it happened, because everyone insisted we had to head home then because "poor Jack is going to freeze-to-death". I have to say, I doubt I would've froze to death but I guess grown ups know best.

Lucky for us, memere loves to take walks, so we got to go in our choo choo wagon every afternoon when we woke up from our naps. In fact- when mommy got home, we insisted she take us for walks each afternoon, too. If she tells us "no", we just tell her "bye bye! bye bye! bye bye! BYE! BYE!" until she finally gives in.

Besides spending a lot of time outside, we also got to enjoy some of memere and pepere's home cooking. Jordan was most excited about memere's chocolate chip cookies (I'm not gonna lie, I really loved them, too!). Daddy really loves pepere's red sauce and he even got to learn how to make the infamous meatballs that go into the sauce, too.

Here's a few pictures of the week. Mommy has a few more, but we're saving those for another post this week. Enjoy!

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  1. I hope you had fun on your trip! It looks like the kids had a ball. Love that photo of Addison on the swing!

  2. I had no idea you guys were Wisconsin-ites too!!