Monday, October 11, 2010

What's Your Ultimate Family Vacation?

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You don't have to ask us twice. When someone asks any of the Riplets where our "ultimate family vacation" would be to we would all three say Beaches Resorts! Why, you ask? Because we are ginormous Sesame Street fans and each and every episode either starts or ends with an ad for Beaches Resorts. The great thing about going there though, is that our mommy & daddy both love island vacations and they told us we don't even know what a vacation is like until we've experienced and all inclusive island vacation.

Now I've gotta tell you, I have really loved going to see memere & pepere every summer in Massachusetts. That's our annual vacation. Jordan and Addison would agree with me, that going there and getting to spend a week on the Cape is so much fun. But- we are talking "ultimate" here so going to Beaches in Turks & Caicos would be it for us.

Not only would it be an all inclusive island vacation for mommy & daddy, but we would get to enjoy the sand, the pool and the water. I really love splashing and splashing and SPLASHING in any type of water so I know I'd have a blast. I also know Addison would die if she got to go because did I mention that Beaches Resorts now has Sesame Street characters there? I think if Addie got to meet Elmo in person she'd faint right there.
So that's where we'd go (if any of our family is reading this-- maybe you could surprise us with this trip for Christmas? hehe).

Where would you go for your "Ultimate Family Vacation?"


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  1. You know, when I saw this post title, I immediately thought of Beaches too- all those commercials lately are getting to me! We did Sandals for our honeymoon and I can see how it would be such a great way to do a family vacation too... soon! Once we change our last diaper I think we will start saving for it!

  2. Lani, that is funny because we did Sandals for our honeymoon, too! I know we'd love Beaches with the kids. I like your thought- once the diapers are done it would be so nice :)

  3. Gosh, a getaway sounds so good right now, I'd go just about anywhere. HA!

  4. We had such a fab time as a family at the beach this summer! It was everything I had hoped for. Ahhh...