Sunday, October 31, 2010

Public Service Announcement- from The Riplets!

I just wanted to give small a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about bouncing or climbing on the couch or bed. On Friday, I was monkeying around on the couch with Jordan when I fell off and fractured my elbow! I had to go first to see a doctor in town and then was told we needed to drive 2 hours to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to have surgery. I ended up with 3 pins in my elbow and a cast. So, I wanted to take a minute to tell all of my fellow kids out there to listen to your parents when they tell you "sit down!" or "don't monkey around on there!" or "be careful" because you really can get hurt. (I always thought mommy just liked to tell us this and that it was an urban legend)

Anyways- after a rough few days and barely any sleep, I am back home with Addison and Jordan. I thought they'd be excited to see me and have a bunch of questions and concerns but they really didn't even look at me twice. I will remember this next time they get hurt. Here's a few photos from us at g'ma Jean and g'pa Dave's house yesterday afternoon. You can see my new cast and sling. Hopefully I'll feel good enough to put on my Halloween Costume tonight (we may have to do some alterations to fit my cast) and go trick or treating. I'll make sure someone posts some pictures for you if I do. Enjoy!

Can you tell I'm really grumpy with this cast?

Don't let Jordan's face confuse you, I was the one that got hurt not him!

G'pa Dave & Jordan played on Great grandpa Russ' porch...


  1. Poor Jack! Hope is feeling a little better today!

  2. Ohh, Poor Jack. I am so sorry to hear about your very big boo-boo, it sounds like you were VERY brave. I hope you 3 got to go out trick or treating and that you got some extra treats. Hugs and kisses to you.

  3. Oh poor baby!!!! I can't imagine how awful and frightening it must have been for you though!