Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our 2nd Birthday Party!

We had such a fun time yesterday at our 2nd birthday party! We had our family come to the party (we didn't invite any friends simply because having three birthday kids at once can be expensive when you get invited!) and we had memere & pepere joining us via Skype and it was a blast.

We got so many great presents and got to eat some pizza (our favorite!) and cupcakes. After we opened all of our gifts the fun began...we got to play with it all.

Here are some photos of our big day. Enjoy!
Can you tell Jordan isn't much for cupcakes? He hates getting dirty...
Now I, on the other hand LOVES to get messy especially if its with cupcakes!
and Addison doesn't mind it either...

Here she is preparing to dig in...
Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to each of us separately which was really so much fun!
Jordan really loved all of the attention...

I really loved the singing, too!
Here's uncle James helping Jordan on the Sit & Spin...
While Addie and I started cooking in our new kitchen!

Here's us Skyping with memere & pepere while we try out our car ramp...

Here's all of us cousins together...Addison is in our new playhouse trying it out...

Addison and Mommy...Addie got her dress from Jenni at Dear Lillie- she just LOVES it!


  1. We had great fun skyping with you on your birthday. Here we go being 2.
    Have fun!
    We love you,
    Memere & Pepere

  2. It sure looks like you 3 had a "FUNTASTIC" day. Enjoy all your fun new toys.
    Love you ALL

  3. Oh, they are so cute. Cupcakes are a great idea!

  4. A playhouse AND a kitchen...You lucky munchkins!

  5. I love that kitchen. Oh my goodness it looks nicer than mine ;) What fun! I love the elephant cupcakes. Very cute. Your kids are adorable. Oh, and Happy 2nd Birthday to them :) And to you as parents of three 2 year olds.