Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Its Been Too Long...

Since you've heard from us, huh? We've been really busy as usual. Jordan started "college" last week so mommy has been taking him each morning to class (he's learning how to talk there- he thinks he's pretty tough stuff though since he goes to school and Jack & I don't)and spending a lot of time at home helping him with his homework.

Besides Jordan's new gig, Jack and I have been doing a lot of coloring, playing outside, and learning a lot of new words ourselves. Jack really likes to say "more baba", "apple", and "baby". I'm just focusing on "s" words because I really love the sound of them. My newest word is "shoe" and I'm always asking mommy or daddy to put my "shoe on". What can I say, I'm a girl so I love shoes. I also ask for my "show" or "se-sa stee" which is Sesame Street for those of you that don't speak Riplet.

Jordan has been making a lot of improvements since his new speech classes, too. He says "bye bye" and "gapa" and loves to make animal sounds.

Mommy had a bunch of pictures of us from the past two weeks so we need to catch all of you up! Here they are...most are of me of course (I am doing the writing so I have the final say- hehe). ENJOY!


  1. Ya'll were excellent models for mommy!

  2. I was so glad to hear from you. You always make my day with every post. I just love the pics. Keep up the good work college boy.
    Jack and Addison you too. But don't work to hard. xoxoxo

  3. oh my gosh cutest kids ever! so fashionable..very fab approved :) love ur dd's boots