Sunday, February 7, 2010

Riplets Just Wanna Have Fun

Boy, do we know how to have a good time. We just figured out that we can climb things! I had no idea how much fun the couch was, until I figured out how to climb up onto it. Now mommy & daddy don't know what to do because we love to get up and run and jump and grab things off of the end tables. It sure feels good to be "SO BIG"!

Check us out having a blast this week.


  1. Whoa climbers! Thankfully, Jax hasn't figured out that yet ;) Although he sure looks like Addison when he IS on the couch - back and forth, back and forth - smashing his face into the cushions :)

    Glad to see everyone is happy! Will catch up soon!!

  2. LOL...Oh boy let the good times Roll! I know all about climbers. Aiden is a big time one! Love you all.

  3. Lots of fun had by all. The boys will figure it out soon.