Sunday, February 14, 2010

My First Hair Cut

I just had my first hair cut on Friday. Auntie Dawn came over for her usual visit with my cousins (on their way to school) and decided to "trim up" my hair. I told her I did not want my hair cut, I was trying to grow it out long. She said she just wanted to shape it for me. She also said a trim on my ends would help my hair to grow faster and thicker. Its so nice getting beauty tips from her. She's a lot more stylish in the hair and accessories department then my mom. Have you seen her curls?! I love them and always want her to shake her hair at me. Sometimes I'll shake mine back. The other day Jack shook his, too! He looked ridiculous.
Here are the the pictures from the hair cut. Enjoy!


Love-- The Riplets


  1. Wow Addie, you look BEAUTIFUL. I love your new 'do'. Your growing up so fast!

  2. you've been nominated. see my blog....