Friday, February 19, 2010

Molly Brown- Designer Girls Jewellery

Mommy asked to be the guest blogger the rest of the week. We told her that would be great, then we can go on a much needed vacation! Hopefully mommy can live up to our standards...

As you all know, Addison LOVES jewelry and accessories. I seem to lack in this department (as she has already told you-haha) so I started searching online for some nice quality pieces of jewelry I could get her. At this age, she will not be wearing the items a lot (much to her dismay) but I want them to be pieces she can wear still years from now. As I was searching, I came across Molly Brown-Designer Girls Jewellery and I fell in love! She is based out of London and has so many options and choices from girls princess jewelry (which includes "Snow White", "Cinderella", and "Sleeping Beauty" all done very tastefully) to bridesmaids gifts and accessories.
Here is the Cinderella Necklace
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Once I started searching Molly Brown's site, I realized I do need to find a gift for a first communion and sure enough, Molly Brown offers quite a few options for Girls Communion. My favorite is this Mother of Pearl Cross Necklace (below):

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After looking over all of Molly Brown's shop online, Addison decided her favorite item was the Jelly Bean Necklace. She thought its the perfect fashion accessory and she would love to be able to bring this British Fashion to the US. Addison has made friends with so many other kids that are multiples, that she's hoping to start the "Jelly Bean Necklace" trend with all of them (since she realizes her brothers have little interest in jewelry trends). I think she's really hoping to get it for a gift sometime soon. I told her we'd just have to wait and see.
The Jelly Bean Necklace
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For those of you that are nervous about shopping internationally, don't be! Molly Brown is an Accredited Retailer and takes all major credit cards. If you are still concerned about seeing everything listed in Pound Sterling, no worries. I've got a conversion chart that is very easy to use for you just click here. Currently, the conversion is 1 Pound = 1.58 US Dollars.


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