Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Favorite Book

I bet those of you that know us personally assume that our favorite book must involve talking vegetables, right? WRONG! (Those are our favorite DVDs hehe) Our favorite book was one that mommy & daddy started reading to us a long time ago. Its called, "So Big!" and its with Elmo. We used to just listen to mommy read it during the day and then one day Addison started making the "So Big" arms when we heard it. Jordan loves read it, especially when we read the "peek-a-boo" part. Now all the Riplets come running (ok I don't run, but I crawl REALLY fast) when we hear anyone start reading it. We all sit and try to turn the pages ourselves (usually before mommy is done reading the page) and we also all fight over who gets to look at it when the story is done. That is why you'll notice the book is ripped and torn apart.

When mommy first read it to me, I was waiting in the doctors office and I got really scared at the last page. Its Elmo and he pops out of the book at me! I started to cry and shake and didn't want mommy to even hold the book after that. Mommy told me it was ok, but I didn't trust that Elmo character. So for a long time I would get really nervous if anyone read it to us and I'd always jump and cry when Elmo popped out at me at the end. Finally- after a few weeks of being scared of it, I decided I was going to face my fears. I would sit looking at the book myself. As soon as I'd get to the page before Elmo popping up, I'd stop and prepare myself...then I'd turn the page and close my eyes. That still didn't help me. So I decided to take him on. One day when mommy was busy in the kitchen, I ripped off one of his arms. The next day I ripped him out of the book completely. Boy, do I love that book now that he is gone!

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  1. Jack - I don't blame you for ripping out Elmo from that book. He was pretty scary!

    I'm so excited to see all of you this weekend!

    Auntie Britt :)