Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Love Apples!

I was pretty excited when I heard we were gonna get to go to an apple orchard this weekend. I love talking about "ap-pas" and really love to eat them. I vaguely remember going last year, mommy says she had fun watching me gather all of the apples I could but refused a bag to carry them. I see nothing funny about it, in fact- that's exactly the way I did it again this year. I really love to see how many items I can carry at one time.

The orchard we decided to go to was one we hit up last year, too. I was excited to play on the toys they had as well but mommy told us not to get too excited since the orchard had changed ownership. Lucky for us, it was for the better!

The new owners added some really cool features for kids. We got to see llamas, ostrich and sheep at the petting zoo, climb hay bails to the top of a huge pyramid, and play in the tee pees that had a tunnel connecting them.

I absolutely love to climb, so it was obvious that I would love the hay bail pyramids! Check out how high up I am and that's Jack at the bottom trying to climb up to me.

My brothers were a little leary about going into the tee pees but I assured them that mommy & daddy wouldn't steer us wrong. Then they reminded me that while at the doctors, never trust them though because they are always trying to get us poked and proded.

We ended up loving the tunnel and tee pees and the boys (especially Jordan) kept bolting back to them whenever they'd get the chance.

After playing and playing and playing, we finally agreed to go a pick some apples. Jordan has always been anti-apples but loves to refer to himself as "Apple" when he talks on the phone. He usually says "Hello, this is Apple". I'm assuming its his spy name, ya know for his top secret missions. Anyways- he surprised us all by grabbing his own apple off the tree and taking a big bite. Of course he also had to lick it each time just to make sure it still tasted the same before he would take another bite .

Jack has always loved apples and I think its really gone to his head, because since we've been home he's asked for an apple at least 5 times. He really just loves to sit around eating them.

Here's a few more shots from the day...we went with our entire extended family on mommy's side so we finally got a group photo of all of us, thank you to Vicki!

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  1. I had a great time at the apple orchard,too! Maybe we should go back again if we have another nice weather day, what do you think?
    I am sure at the rate you guys (especially Jack) are eating the apples, we will have to!