Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loves & Losses *Sigh*

Times have been changing and boy does it make me mad. I remember the good ol' days (Spring of 2011) when I was surrounded by all things I loved. I'd go to college to see my boyfriend, Vinny (*sigh*) where I'd get to play with Elmo, watch Sesame Street, and get to "jump" and get thrown in the air as long as I wanted. I'd come home with my brothers and we'd get to play and play and then I'd ask for "Sesa" and mommy would let us watch more Sesame Street. I just took for granted that my brothers would let me watch Sesame Street.

I had no idea that one day they'd fall out-of-love with the show and insist on some (pardon my language) stupid train show. You guessed it. All. Day. Long. we have to hear Jack asking for "Tommy Train" and of course Jordan agrees. It didn't end there though, either. Mommy got out a train table and little wood trains and now I'm surrounded by "choo choos" and all things trains. I've learned to bite my tongue and just watch the show when its on, but believe me I'm not happy about it. What does a girl gotta do to get her some Elmo?!

The only thing worse then Thomas the Train is that my first and only love (okay- Elmo might've been my 1st but for this post lets set that aside), Vinny moved far, far away. So now I've lost Sesame Street and Vinny. Lucky for me I do love cookies and I've learned to ask for them whenever I need a lift...which is A LOT. I've also learned that mommy's phone can play me's song on Sesame Street so I usually will just grab it when I see it on the counter (stools work wonders to get me things I can't reach) and ask mommy for "Will".

I'm sure you'll hear a different side of the story from my brothers, but I just had to first let you know that I am not thrilled with the new changes around here! Since we have no photos of the boys watching Thomas or Vinny leaving (I obviously didn't want reminders of either) I'll leave you with a few pictures of us from this past weekend. Enjoy!

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  1. I am sure Vinny is thinking about how much he misses you every day. I bet he will be back for a visit and come to see you! I think you should get a TV in your room so you can watch what YOU want and not have to watch the "train" show ! Until then, you have "Will"

    Loveyou lots, G'ma