Monday, December 12, 2011

Potty Parties

We've spent the past few days (seems like months mommy says!) working on potty training. Let me tell you, I'd give anything to go back to diapers (and I've tried to talk mommy into it, believe me) but for some reason she and daddy have it in their heads that we need to learn this. I feel like its just such a pain to have to stop playing to actually "go".

Addie actually got to have a "potty party" and training first, just over a week ago. Jordan and I were really excited to attend the event since we didn't have to do anything yet benefited from it all. A potty party (for all of you wondering) is a big "potty day" where you get cupcakes for breakfast (okay, so mommy actually made us eat our real breakfast first) and then you get gifts to open which happen to be undies. Mommy tells you that you're big now and a speech (blah, blah, blah) and then you have to spend your day near the potty chair. Each time you go on the potty you get a treat or a present.

After Addie had a successful potty day, it was time for us boys to have one, too. We were both excited when we heard about the cupcakes and presents, but once we opened them and realized that they expected us to actually stop what we were doing and go potty it wasn't quite as much fun. Jordan got the swing of things fairly quickly, although he really tried to hold it in. I think he was hoping they'd give up and put a diaper back on him. I caught on right away, too but we both still had a few accidents on the floor.

My biggest issue (and it still is) is that I hate admitting I have to go potty. I'd much rather continue to play while doing the "potty dance" then actually going. That is until today, when I realized I can just bribe my mommy into giving me treats still for going. This is how is usually goes:

Mommy: "Jack do you have to go potty?"

Me: "NO!"

Mommy: "Are you sure? You are wiggling a lot."

Me: "NO! No potty!"

(a few minutes later)

Me: "I want a sucker."

Mommy: "Sure, if you go potty first"

As soon as she says that--all of a sudden I have to go. (tee hee)

Anyways- here's a few pictures from the loooong weekend of potty training. Mommy thought she was pretty lucky that she thought of getting pictures of us by the tree...because we couldn't move on her.


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