Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Yesterday, mommy and daddy told us we were going to buy our Christmas tree for our living room. I have to say, I was pretty excited (so were my brothers) but I was a little surprised that we'd actually get to put one inside! I kinda thought that was just on the movies. Speaking of...we've been watching A LOT of Christmas movies this past week, so we know all about Christmas and baby Jesus being born on Christmas Day (mommy says thanks, Veggie Tales!). Right now, our absolute favorite one is The Toy That Saved Christmas. We ask for it every, single day and if we're lucky, we get to watch it more then once.

Anyways- back to our tree hunt. We got to pack up and go to a tree farm near our house to pick out exactly which tree we wanted. I was excited, because it seemed like it was a nice day outside. When we first arrived, we even got to see big horses pulling people around in a wagon!

After looking at the horses from a distance (the guy asked if we wanted to pet them and only mommy was crazy enough to do it!), we decided it was time to get down to business and pick out a Christmas tree. Here we are with daddy trying to decide. Jack obviously had a few ideas...

After just a few minutes of listening to Jack tell us his favorites, I wanted to go inside and warm up (it was colder then I thought it would be!). SO- I left my brothers in charge of making the decision.
Jordan got all flustered and couldn't decide so ultimately it was Jack's decision (along with daddy's persuading).

Once I knew the decision was made and daddy paid for it, I came back outside only to be fooled into a "group photo" by mommy. As soon as she pulled the camera out this is what happened- hehe...

After we paid for it, we all jumped into our SUV and waited for them to tie it to the top of it! Jordan laughed and laughed to think a tree was going to ride with us home.

Last night, we just put the tree in the stand and gave it some water. I love helping mommy give it water! This morning, we woke up and put lights and a star on it and then hung up our stockings for Santa to fill for us on Christmas Day! Here's our perfect Christmas tree.


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