Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Lot of Digging...

We've been really busy this past week (what's new, huh?) helping get our yard ready for our new lawn. We moved into a new house this spring and we've had to wait for the yard to be put in until now. For awhile there, we felt like we were living in the jungle because of the weeds and wildlife taking over our place.

On Memorial Day, we got the best surprise when the lawn guy showed up with his big truck full of dirt and a Bobcat. We got to watch from our window as he quickly tore up all of the weeds and flattened out our yard. Then the best part started when he drove his huge truck onto our property and dumped more dirt then I've ever seen! We were so excited that we immediately begged to go outside to play in it. After a few minutes of persuading (mommy says whining) we got our way. We've been dirty all week, but boy is it fun driving our own Tonka trucks and diggers in the dirt, too.

Here's a few photos...enjoy!

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