Thursday, June 16, 2011

Como Park Zoo

So mommy & daddy pulled a fast one on us and loaded us up with goodies, strapped us in our strollers and took us to have fun only to make us stop and pose for a family photo. We know this was all just to get us to look forward and not leave for the picture. I guess mommy & daddy are getting a little wiser the more they deal with our shenanigans. (hehe) So I guess we'll give you this nice family photo (see above), but mommy- please don't attempt a trick on us like this again.

Really though, we got to go to Como Park Zoo in St Paul this past weekend and it was such a great time! I loved the ride there (we got to watch Sesame Street and have snacks) and really liked the animals, food, and play ground at the zoo!

We even got to meet up with our lil' cousin, Noah (how fitting he's at the zoo with us- get it- Noah? as in Noah's Ark? hehe) and Auntie B and Uncle James, too. Here they are below:

While at the zoo we got to sea lions, polar bears, giraffes, zebras, seals, and bunch more. My favorite of all was seeing the seals and sea lions swim by me and splash. My brothers liked them, too but I think Jack liked the giraffes the best.

Here I am checking out the flamingos. They were so pretty!

There was only one animal I had a little problem with and that was a turtle. Okay, so maybe he wasn't a real turtle, but just a statue. We were playing around him and running and laughing when I tripped and fell. My head hit his shell and really made a loud dinging noise! Boy, was I not happy with that turtle. As you can see from photos below, my brothers though he was a good time. Thanks boys.

Here's Jordan banging on the drum. He found his own drum stick aka: branch on the ground.

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