Sunday, January 23, 2011

Climbing to New Heights

I've recently figured out that I can reach anything I want by climbing. If there's nothing to climb up onto, I've figured out how to push something else to the area to make me taller. Mommy says I'm a pain in the butt and to "get down", but I think I'm making her life so much easier. I no longer beg to get her to grab me something off the table and I no longer need to ask her first to wear her jewelry (as you can see from the photos).
Besides climbing, we've been busy as usual prepping for our speech classes we take at college Monday through Thursday. It used to be just Jordan and I going, but they decided that Jack must be smart enough now, too--because he's joining us for 2nd semester. That starts this week, so mommy's been prepping us with trials and making us talk A LOT.

Jordan also spent this week trying out my pajamas (see photo below) but it wasn't with my permission. This is what happens when you pee through your overnight diapers and daddy is too lazy to get you a new pair from your room. I bet he's wishing we weren't the same size. hehe

Speaking of sizes, Jack has been the pip squeak of the Riplets now for a long time. He's always a good 2-3 lbs lighter then me and Jordan and he's actually the first born. I have to tell you, its really hard calling him my "big" brother. Anyways- the past few weeks he's been eating like crazy (I think he's bulking up to get revenge for me stealing his toys) and look at how much he's grown now? His own pajama's are way too small! (don't let him know I told you--but they are only size 12-18 mos-- lol)
On a side note, our Auntie Dawn was diagnosed with tonsil cancer this past week. She just had surgery to remove her tonsils and her lymph nodes surrounding the area. She's still in the hospital, so please pray she can have a quick recovery and feel more like herself soon. We love her and cannot wait for her to return to her daily visits.
Here are a few more photos from this week. Enjoy!

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  1. You gotta love it when they reach the little monkey stage!

  2. Who thought Addie was going to be the little monkey. Good luck at school. Jordan & Addison show Jack the ropes.
    We are praying for Auntie Dawn's quick recovery.
    Love you bunches.
    Memere & Pepere :)