Monday, August 8, 2011

Its a Wrap! {Our Vacation}

Its been a week since we've been back from our vacation and its been spent getting back into the grind of everyday life. I've been hanging out with mommy, begging to go "bye bye in cah" (that's car for all of you non-Bostonians) and doing a lot of playing outside. Meanwhile, my siblings are busy working away in each other's rooms (therapy mommy calls it), learning how to match, count, and talk. Jordan was a little bit naughty on his first day back after vacation. He didn't think he really had to listen to his therapists. He also thought it was funny to throw everything in site over peoples heads and behind him. Lucky for me, I am a quick ducker and avoided a toy-to-the-head. Unfortunately Addison was not so lucky. Addison was pretty quiet her first few days back to school, but she's slowly opened up again and it repeating so much more again!

Anyways- mommy finally finished editing up the rest of our vacation pictures. These are all photos from either at the Cape (but not the beach) or back at memere & pepere's place.


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