Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haircuts & Sunny Days!

Here's that post we were telling you about a few weeks ago, the one we couldn't make the pictures download to. Well, after a lot of tries and a long weekend of moving we finally found time and patience to make it work. So here it is. Its a little outdated but we'll get you updated on the move very, very soon!

This weekend we took a break from helping mommy and daddy pack and got to have some fun. My brothers first got their hair cut (by daddy) and then we got to go outside and play in the snow! I couldn't have been more excited, because I love the snow and love wearing my snow boots. The weather finally warmed up to the 40's so we had to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Here's a few photos from the day. Notice Jordan's hair cute is SHORT! Okay, well short for him. His curls are gone, that's for sure. Jack's hair is shorter and of course he screamed like daddy was cutting off his limbs during his trim (as usual). Enjoy!

Daddy showing us how to throw a snowball!

Here we are happy to show off our haircuts.

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  1. I was so glad to hear from you. I like the hair cuts, but Jordan I so love your curls. I hope Daddy lets them grow out again. Looks like you had a great play day outside. See you all soon. Lots of love,
    Memere & Pepere

  2. Look at those big boy haircuts!